Question : What are the activities of the company?

Answer - The company is a holding company that has shares in different companies and sectors with varied activities; real estates, industrial, recreation, education and agriculture. The company follows up these activities through affiliated companies.

Question : Does the company have other activities outside the state of Kuwait?

Answer - Yes, these activities are as follows: The state of Qatar: in the industrial sector and petrochemicals trade. The United Arab Emirates: in the field of iron industries. The Kingdom of Morocco: restaurants, drinks and real estates. Arab Republic of Egypt: agriculture, fisheries, real estates and education.

Question : What is the assets volume of the company?

Answer - The company has assets of about 

Question : What are the new projects and investment chances in the company?

Answer - There are some new projects under implementation in the industrial and petrochemical field in Qatar, Emirates and Egypt. There are plans for new chances in the field of education, recreational services and logistics in Kuwait and Egypt.

Question : When will the company be incorporated again in Kuwait Stock Exchange?

Answer - After the decision of the Capital Market Authority to cancel the shares of MENA Holding CO in the Kuwait Stock Exchange, the company resorted to the fair judiciary in Kuwait and the verdict of the first degree was to cancel the decision of the Capital Market Authority to cancel the shares of MENA Holding CO, then the Capital Market Authority resumed the verdict which canceled the first degree verdict considering this provision is distinguishable. It was planned to restructure the company and prepare thoroughly with affiliated companies and its operational and financial data to be incorporated again in the Kuwait Stock Exchange as per the regulating conditions set by the Capital Market Authority.