In the early eighties, Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Salam, being a young man in his 20s, full of confidence, energy and ambition, established his company and specialized in general constructions and aluminum kitchens. However, his early successes hit the wall with the Iraqi Invasion. Later on, after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, Ahmed joined forces with other investors and established OTHMAN & SEDEEK Construction Company LLC, known nowadays as MENA Holding Co. This institution stands out today with a capital of KWD 66,000,000 (~USD 220,000,000) with presence in several MENA countries. The assets of the company are estimated at KWD 140,000,000 (~USD 485,000,000). MENA Holding expands its activities across many fields including real estate development, construction, entertainment, iron and steel manufacturing and others. The company was registered in Kuwait Stock Exchange during the period from 17/1/2005 until 10/04/2012, and being the stock market for more than seven years helped MENA build on the shareholders base and fund several projects. MENA Holding is governed by Islamic Financing rules, policies and procedures.