Towards Our Employees


The company provides social care for its employees through many activities to keep good relationships and loyalty to the company among them. The company also developed many programs for supporting the employees in different fields, some of which are:

  •  The company provides health care for employees and their families in the most modern private hospitals through high standard health insurance.
  •  The company adopts some cases financially to support them and help the solve their problems.
  •  The company celebrates the special occasions of marriage , success and others by distributing gifts, cash and in-kind prizes on such occasions .
  •  Condolences on death and disease, God forbid.
  •  The company, in some occasions, distributes gifts and necessary items for such occasions as a kind of participation and solidarity among employees.
  •  The company arranges recreation programs for the employees and their families with view to alleviating work pressure and strengthening ties among them.
  •  The company arranges periodically some activities for the employees who develop the social work among them.
  •  Providing personal financial loans for the employees to help them overcome and solve their financial problems.
  •  The company provides its employees with chances to develop themselves professionally and academically by providing scholarships for them.